NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Bergen County NJ

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Bergen County NJMerwin & Paolazzi’s flexibility as an independent agent is perhaps nowhere more important than in personal lines of coverage. The diversity of need in our NJ personal insurance lines is matched by the wide range of possible coverages. Our Customer Service Representatives are skilled in personal lines, and will work with you to determine your needs. Our Representatives can review your exposures with you and shop our many markets for broad coverage at a competitive cost. We strive to give the utmost excellent service and protection to NJ residents. That’s why it’s important to choose an independent agency, located in Bergen County NJ,  who has access to numerous options when it comes to covering your most treasured possessions. From a 16 year old’s first car to the lake home to which you and your spouse will retire, our NJ personal insurance lines at Merwin & Paolazzi can handle all of your personal insurance needs.

Our NJ personal insurance lines, products, include:

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Homeowners Insurance

Primary, secondary, seasonal, and rentals

Buying your first home, moving into a larger house as your family grows, or even downsizing to a townhouse or condo as the kids go off on their own is a big deal. In fact, for most Americans purchasing a home represents their biggest financial asset. You and your home deserve a policy tailored to your specific needs, one that gives you a sense of security and protection at a fair, competitive price.

The house and property itself and the possessions inside, however, do have a dollar value and represent your family’s hard work. Which is why you need the protection that only insurance can offer. What makes Merwin & Paolazzi so different from others who provide insurance is that we listen – and we listen carefully so that we can find the right policy for you. We work with many top-rated insurance companies, which doesn’t tie us to any one program and gives you the advantage that independence provides. We’re an independent agency at Martin and we work for you.

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Condo Unit Owners Insurance 

Primary, secondary, seasonal, and rentals

Many customers ask why condo insurance is needed when their association has insurance. Although there is a master insurance policy in place, you still need coverage for your unit. An association policy typically covers the common areas and the walls of your unit. Some policies may include coverage for your floors, ceilings and installed appliances, but they usually won’t cover improvements you make – such as window coverings or expensive kitchen and bath upgrades. Your personal belongings and your liability for injuries to others are also not covered under the association’s policy.

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Renters Insurance 

Property Damage & Liability Also Happens to Renters

Many people believe their landlord covers them for insurance when they rent a home, apartment or condominium. This is one of those Old Wives Tales… If you want/need coverage it is your responsibility, plus many landlords now require that you carry a renter’s policy.

So you’ve rented a brand new apartment, what could happen?

Almost anything; a theft from your vehicle or apartment, a fire, water damage, or, someone could be injured while visiting you and sue you. These are a few good reasons to carry renters insurance.

For only a few dollars each month, a renter’s policy provides protection for your personal belongings in the event of damage or theft. It also safeguards you against personal liability and protects your assets in the event someone is injured while in your home or for a lawsuit. If you also have your automobile insurance with the same company, you could receive a discount on both your automobile and renter’s policies.

Determining the correct coverage can be a challenge. Completing an itemized inventory can assist you with this task. Remember, you want to figure what it would cost to replace your property since most policies provide replacement cost coverage. You have a choice of coverage amounts, options and deductibles – all of which we would be happy to go over with you here at Merwin & Paolazzi.

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Auto Insurance

Including motorcycle and RV/motor home

You depend on your vehicle to get you where you need to go, whether for work or play. It’s a part of your life. Chances are, the thought of having an accident almost never crosses your mind. That’s why we’re here. Although all drivers in the state of New Jersey need auto coverage on the vehicles they drive to satisfy the law, that’s not the only reason you should purchase auto coverage. In fact, the minimum coverage for insurance for cars is rarely enough to meet the needs drivers face today.

The minimum coverage required in New Jersey is only liability insurance. That doesn’t cover damage to your car if you’re at fault in the accident or your medical expenses. More importantly, it may not be enough to cover the damage and injuries to third parties, which leaves you on the hook for damages or claims that remain.

Our partner carriers offer a variety of coverage to help protect you when you need it most — in the unlikely event of an accident. We represent the highest quality insurers offering broad coverage with competitive rates. Most importantly, we assist you in identifying your personal liability needs to help ensure that your property is protected, and your way of life is too.

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | Recreational Vehicles Insurance 

What do motor homes, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs and snowmobiles have in common? All are expensive. All might be driven by a friend. All can damage property and people. And none is covered by standard automobile or homeowner insurance policies. In other words, if you want to protect your investment and yourself, recreational vehicle insurance is a must.

Our recreational vehicle policies cover property damage, bodily injury and damage to your own vehicle should you (or a guest operator) be found liable in an accident. In addition, we can guide you to the right additional coverage for personal property carried on or in your recreational vehicle.

NJ Personal Insurance Lines | NJ Boat Insurance 

Ski boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, sail boats, Jet Skis and other watercraft are fun, useful and often operated by family and friends of all ages. But they aren’t covered by most standard homeowner insurance policies. Therefore, watercraft insurance is critical.